2015 was the first time I got to learn how to paint with watercolours to a professional standard through Oakleaf Enterprise’s art classes. I then started the upholstery training course at 2017 where I got to use my design skills and learn this new skillset.  

Just as Oakleaf At Home has empowered me, it has always been my intention to help others. Whether that’s by putting forward Oakleaf client names I know are talented to contribute to Oakleaf At Home. Or, when I set up my own business to offer work placements and to give back to Oakleaf. 

I have used Oakleaf’s counselling services which are very affordable. They have helped me gain coping skills and a wider understanding of myself. 

My goal is to become financially independent through setting up my own furniture design and upholstery business. 

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” 


Chloe is employed by Oakleaf at Home and is one of our talented upholsters delivering our handmade cushions to you and others. 

My Creations