Anxiety and depression have always been present in my life. Many personal and traumatic issues led to PTSD and addiction. I became socially phobic unable to work or socialise. 

The Upholstery course gave me a focus, a routine and slowly I gained confidence. 

Oakleaf taught me how to manage my anxiety which made it possible to return to work. 

However, 2020 my overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks returned, I once again reached out to Oakleaf for support. 

Art has always been very cathartic and rewarding to me so when Oakleaf announced an art competition I duly entered. I was one of the successful participants which meant my artwork would be used for Oakleaf’s new start up business “Oakleaf at Home”. This opened the door for a fantastic opportunity to become employed as an assistant with Oakleaf at Home. 


Toni is employed by Oakleaf at Home and is one of our talented upholsters delivering our handmade cushions to you and others.