Brussel Sprouts Christmas Dog Bandana – Large


Large dog bandana featuring a Christmas Brussel Sprout design.

Length: 23cm | Width: 21cm


Dogs give us so much joy and can improve our mental health. So, when we decided to launch a new product it made complete sense for us to create something for our pets that mean so much to us.

  • Exclusive handmade festive dog collar
  • Printed original illustrations painted by individuals coming to Oakleaf for mental health support
  • Every bandana is hand sewn in our workshop
  • Hard wearing and lightweight calico 100% cotton fabric
  • Opening to fit your dog’s collar – tried and tested by some of our own dogs and they love them!
  • Ideal for larger dogs: German Shepherd, cocker spaniel, Labrador, golden retriever, dalmation, border collie, poodle, sheepdog, Siberian husky, pointer and many more

Width – 23cm, Height – 21cm from top to point including collar opening, Collar opening –  6.5cm

Exclusive to Oakleaf At Home

Additional Information
  • Wash at 30 degrees Celsius

Length: 23cm | Width: 21cm