Our cushions are proudly handmade by individuals living with mental ill-health who have completed our in-house upholstery training course. The course not only teaches traditional soft furnishing and upholstery skills but more importantly provides a creative outlet and a way to lessen isolation and build self-confidence.

Hidden Cove Handmade Cushion


Treasured space, calm, waves in the vastness of the ocean

Length: 46cm | Width: 46cm


A moment in time captured by the flowing strokes of blue and green to add serenity to your home. And, just a little reminder of your favourite holiday by the sea. Rich dark blue velvet backing. Printed using an original hand painted designs by Ray.

Exclusive to Oakleaf At Home

Additional Information
  • Opulent rich and silky solf velvet fabric
  • Fibre filling to care for sensitive ones
  • Handwash in cold water, do not iron
  • Lay flat to dry and then lovingly brush the fibre until it relaxes and returns to its pampered self

Length: 46cm | Width: 46cm