Recycled Handmade Tote Bag


A unique handmade tote bag, made in our studio using upcycled fabrics.

Length: 29-31cm | Width: 39-45cm


A chance to own a complete unique and bespoke product, allowing us to use up upcycled fabrics and therefore minimise waste in our studio.

  • Totally unique and durable totes
  • Handmade from upcycled fabrics in our workshop
  • Fabrics used will vary depending on the fabric available – new designs will be arriving online all the time!
  • Sizing will vary depending on the amount of fabric available
  • Sizing ranges between Height 29-31cm, Width: 39-45cm


Exclusive to Oakleaf At Home

Additional Information

Length: 29-31cm | Width: 39-45cm